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I just received a binocular attachment for my Minox. It's a beautiful piece. However, it also came with two black brackets and a small threaded bolt. One bracket has a large threaded hole with two channels cut into it. The other has a tab (or notch) at one end, a small threaded hole (which the threaded bolt fits) on the side near the other end, with a small clip secured (secured with two screws) to the end closest the small threaded hole. Can anyone tell me what these brackets are used for (and how to use them)?

-- Padraig Connelly (, January 22, 2000


Assemble the two parts to one bracket. The bracket is put on the binocular axis and the cabke release is fixed in the clip. This enables You to push the release with one finger, while holding the binoculars. As I remember, there is also a hole in the other end of the bracket which enables You to fix the binoculars, with camera, to a tripod.

Poul Bekker-Hansen

-- P Bekker-Hansen (, January 22, 2000.

The binocular attachment consist of the following (when mint in box):

The attachment, I have never seen this disassembled. But as Martin Tai wrote, it is very easy to put together.

The holding device for cable release, this is two black brackets held together with a screw. At the buttom there is a threaded hole for a tripod. At the top there is a holder for the cable release. Often this holding device are missing from used attachment kits.

Two thin metal blades to adjust the attachment's distance frem the lens of the binocular. These are often removed from the attachment. When they are not, they are sitting below the two metal mounting plates on the attachment clamps. These blades are also often gone.

The cable release, I have never seen a used attachment with this.

The manual, always missing.

I have the manual, and could probably get it scanned if someone have the space to display it on the net.

-- Anders Nygaard (, January 22, 2000.

The brackets I referred to are the same mentioned by Anders and Poul as the holding device for the cable release. They are two black brackets and threaded bolt that that came with the binocular attachment (the attachment itself came fully assembled). I can now see how the cable release button can slide into the clip on the bracket, but how should the brackets go together and what do you attach the brackets to? Also, as Anders and Poul noted, there is a threaded hole at the bottom for a tripod attachment (unfortunately 3/8", I have a 1/4" thread on my Minox tripod). While my attachment came with most of the things Anders mentioned as the full binocular attachment package, he was unfortunatley quite correct with the always missing parts- mine did not come with the cable release (I do have one from my tripod) or the manual. Does anyone know if the manual is already posted somewhere on the web?

-- Padraig Connelly (, January 22, 2000.

Padraig, just beside the threaded hole on the one bracket there should be a small rectangular hole. This hole fits the small tap on the other bracket. Put the tap in so that the cable release spring points away from the first bracket. Now you take the screw and insert it through the non-threaded hole in the top of the first bracket, and fasten it in the second bracket. You have to take the screw off again to install it on a binocular. Most modern binoculars do not have space to attach the holder, but if you can find an older one there is usually space above or below the focusing wheel. Happy tele-minoxing.

-- Anders Nygaard (, January 23, 2000.

"(unfortunately 3/8", I have a 1/4" thread on my Minox tripod)."

You can buy a 3/8" to 1/4" screw converter(non minox) for that. I use one for the tripod adapter that also comes in both 3/8" and 1/4"

-- P Bekker-Hansen (, January 23, 2000.

A Binocular Adapter turns Minox 8x11 into a System Camera

I have to disagree to James. IMO, Minox binocular attachment is one of most useful accessory in the Minox system, enabling Minox 8x11 camera approaching the versatility of 35mm SLR system

Minox binocular attachment can be used as

  1. Tripod attachment
  2. Binocular attachment

    Attach Minox through binocular adapter to binocular or telescope

    See Peter Zimmerman's excellent article Teleminox

  3. Macro attahcment : Holding one proxar lens or stacked proxars to Minox to get macro pictures.

    Macro Minox with bino adapter

  4. As filter holder for filters not made by Minox, for example:

    • IR filter for Infra Red Photography with Minox
    • Polarization filter in Minox color photography

  5. As microscope attachement

    Microphotography with Minox

There many be more, depending upon your skill and ingenuity

-- martin tai (, January 23, 2000.

Peter Zimmerman wrote an excellent article about Teleminox at site He noted the tricks in focusing the binocular, as the human eye quickly changes its focus.

Kasermeir also pointed out this.

Don't expect Minox + binocular can match the performance of telephoto lens on SLR.

Attachment lens of any kind, be it closeup or tele, never match the performace of prime macro lens or prime telephoto lens.

But still a Minox attached to binocular taking picture of distant castle, still yields sharper picture then the same castle taken with Minox only then enlarge a tiny part from the negative.

-- martin tai (, January 23, 2000.

Hello I found a picture where You can see how to assemble the bracket.

-- p bekker-hansen (, January 26, 2000.

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