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I was wondering if there is any possible way that my friends and I can be put in the same research group. We had put down the same exact availability times, however; none of us have been placed in any of the same groups and I haven't even been placed in a group at all. We didn't confront you about being in the same group because there are only 5 of us and you had asked for predetermined groups of 9 members. If there is any way possible, could you please put the five of us in the same group? The names are: Nicole Annunziata, Alyson Campbell, Jennifer Mano, Lauren Quinn, and Ashley Roskowski.

Thank you very much for you time. Could please e-mail me to let me know if this acceptable? Thank you.

Alyson B. Campbell

-- Alyson B. Campbell (, January 21, 2000


Alyson and all-

Even though I did make several announcements that you needed to write ID on both sides, many people did not do that. Please note that I did not use the scantron sheets which did not have proper id mark -- back of the sheet, SIDE 1. They are responsible for choosing groups later.

Yes, I considered making groups based upon your existing social network groups. But, I would like to confirm this with Prof. Katz since there might be a possible discrepancy or self-discrimination in doing so. For example, what about your four other members who don't have such a relationship in your group? I will discuss this matter with Professor and let you know.



-- hyo kim (, January 21, 2000.

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