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I am interested in learning if elevator car doors/ gates are used on all U.S. elevators. Has anyone come upon an elevator in use (other than for a single dwelling unit) that does not utilize car doors/gates? Also, what is the history of car doors?

-- goti (, January 21, 2000


Car doors or gates are currently required by most if not all Codes for all elevators in the US. This has been the case for maybe forty years. There are no doubt still some very old elevators running without them under "Grandfather" provisions.

In my forty plus years in the elevator business, I have encountered many elevators without car doors or gates, running under such Grandfathering or in areas where there was no Code enforcement.

In my opinion, car doors/gates areone of the most basic safety provisions and should be on any elevator.

-- John Brannon (, January 22, 2000.

Elevator car doors/gates

The state of PA didn't require car doors or car gates on any frieght elevator with ONLY car control

-- (, August 16, 2001.

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