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The seminary from Capital would like to hear from you. We enjoyed the last letter you sent.

-- Greg Adams (, January 20, 2000


I am Keola's mother, I will write him and have him send another letter to the Capital Seminary. Also, my daughter goes to Capital right now, ElBea Stone, she is a senior and was unable to take seminary this semester, but you could also contact ElBea for his current address. He welcomes any and all letters, so PLEASE send some! He is in the process of a transfer, so we don't have his latest address yet. Thank you. Gwen

-- Gwen Stone (GSTONE@BOISESTATE.EDU), April 14, 2000.

Elder Stone served with me in my last area. He is a stud and a good basketball player. I spent my last Sunday and P-Day with him and his district. Cool guy.

-- C. Cade Brenchley (, September 18, 2000.

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