Where exactlly to I find the Mondron?

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I've been to the Modron Maze a bunch of times now and I still can't get the Modron in the Engineers room to join my party. I know his name is Nordom and I have all the shit for him but I can't get the option for him to join me. Can any one help me?

-- Mr. Shadow (Malfean@hotmail.com), January 19, 2000


he isnt in the engineer room, i was wondering the same thing for a long time too but the trick is to reset the dungeon, set it for hard difficulty, then explore, you eventually find him in some room there, careful though i did it at like lvl 7 and had to keep resting to rememorize my spells. (quick way to kill the hard set constructs: have nameless one as mage with full first circle memorized as maic missile, have dak'kon use his reign of anger on enemy, and if they arent too close use fall from grace to call lightning them. works best if right click mouse and set all actions right off at same time before dismissing the action window thing)

-- Paranoia (wdayer@means.net), February 06, 2000.

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