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I have a question regarding my Minox C and my first pictures that I have recently developed using it. I shot a roll of minopan 400 purchased from MPL (36 exp.) and given the recent delay in processing B&W at the lab I attempted to develop myself using a Minox 50exp tank and Rodinal at the suggested times for AGFApan 400. The pictures look like they turned out well except for small patches of overexposure (dark lines on the negative) at equal intervals along the entire top strip at the edge. They barely interfere with the picture but they are disturbing. Could this be an indication of a misalignment with the C? I should also mention that I did use your suggested technique for mid roll changing with this roll. Thank you for your help.

-- Tim ODonnell (, January 19, 2000


Response to 1st time delvelopment issues

Tim, I never encounter this before. Black patches on negative indicate light leak. I could happen during handling of the film, or during development (like loose development tank cap ) I suggest you develop a few more rolls, using slower film, such as ASA 100, and see whether the problem persist.

-- martin tai (, January 19, 2000.

Response to 1st time delvelopment issues

Tim, I recently experienced exactly the same problem as you. I have developed many rolls in the tank, and became a bit confused. After many tries I was able to recreate the problem. Sometimes when I just need to develop film I load the tank in my bathroom, on a very white table with two halogen spots above. Each time I do this I have this problem with overexposed edges. Somehow the light gets inside the tank. I have no problems when I load the tank elsewhere.


-- Anders Nygaard (, January 20, 2000.

Response to 1st time delvelopment issues

Anders you are ont to something.

You remind me, I encounter once similar light leak from Minox daylight development tank.

It is nothing wrong with the Minox tank.

Perhaps it has something to do with how you fill the tank, and the light directly abour the tank.

If you fill the Minox tank to the full, and if there is a bright light bulb on top, I think some light may enter the interior of the Minox tank througth multiple refraction from the liquid which fills the groves between the cap and the center well. the liquid here is directly connected to the top of the film area, if you over turned the center spiral.

Hence, turn the spiral until the lock key just locked no more.

Avoid strong light directly on top of the tank.

-- martin tai (, January 20, 2000.

Response to 1st time delvelopment issues

Good points! Actually, in the past I've had similar problems with prints from "daylight" tanks and occasionally with roll film and no cap on tank. Diffuse and dim light conditions work better for loading & unloading cameras, too.

-- Jeff Drew (, January 21, 2000.

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