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In Oct 99 you said this on one of the many dow related threads...

Yo Youknow,

If you're going to be a smartass prick, at least compose an intelligible sentence. Guide us, oh great one with your infinite wisdom. Go ahead and put ALL your money into these stocks, they never will go down again. The market will never crash. You will be able to get rich beyond your wildest dreams! No one will ever have to work again, they can just sit at home and day trade!


I'll keep this one in the old temporary file and trot it out in December. We'll see if you're so smart then.

-- ariZONEa (debunk@this.punk), October 20, 1999.

I was just wondering if your ego was as big as your mouth, or the other way around?

I will venture a guess that like all doomers you will never say 'I guess I was wrong'.

-- yo-hooo (areyou@out.there), January 07, 2000


Look Dow Guy, the DOW is barely above the point where it was 8 months ago, so that doesn't really impress me since I can make a hell of a lot more money investing in anything else. The NASDAQ is being inflated by the FEDS and is going to crash bigtime when all the big players collect their profits first thing in January.

It works real slick for insiders like you to go around trying to hype the suckers into blowing their wad in the markets, because you've got connections to be one of the first to dump when you see the plays being called. I for one am not fooled, but if you're going to keep trying to bullshit us why don't you at least start a new thread.

-- Hawk (flyin@high.again), December 24, 1999.

-- (Here's@Classic.), January 07, 2000.

are you saying that Hawk and ariZONEa are one and the same? That makes sense to me.

I thought I would try and find a doomidiot with some integrity....since Hawk and ariZONEa both fail that test miserably, they certainly could be the same person.

Or maybe two people time-sharing the same brain.

-- Where (are@ll.the loudmouth. hypocrites now?), January 08, 2000.

leave to a doomer to say some rude shit, then just disappear.

-- It Figures (loud@mouth.jerks.can't take it), January 14, 2000.

Well, well.

If it isn't the CSY2K resident troll, BKS. Glad to see you stop by for some abuse here for a change.

Since you ask, IMHO, trouble will be apparent FAR before January 1st. The media will grab the story and really run with it the last few weeks of December. The trouble will not be with systems, though, it will be with people; people who have not prepared or who have ignored the possbility of real problems all this time. Also, people that will take advantage of a perceived vulnerability in our electronic society and seize the opportunity for cyber- eco- and other types of terrorism on or slightly before the magic date. IOW, a bell curve of effects, centered on Jan 1st.

Although I am well aware that you will cut and save our replies for possible smirking in the future, I thought I would offer my opinion. We'll compare notes January 2nd.

BTW, here's another one: Dow at 7000 well before December, Gold at $500 per oz.

See ya

-- ariZONEa (CSY2K@not.here), October 11, 1999. "

Don't expect a doomer to EVER admit they were wrong.

-- More (moore@mower.moar), January 18, 2000.

-- LMAO (BWAAAA@hahah.hahaha), January 19, 2000


I'm suprized this "arizone" idiot didn't show up on a few more "dow is tanking" threads.....

GOLD? I'll sell if anybody wants to buy....

-- (gold@in't.worths&*t), April 12, 2000.

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