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When I got the quest in Crust to free the slave, I walked up to the Harmonium dudes and talked to them. All dialogue options result in a fight. Now, that's ok with me, but after the fight, everyone on this side of the town turns hostile on me. Is this supposed to happen?

-- Gijsbert dos Santos (, January 19, 2000


That's odd...have you been killing lots of Harmonium officers earlier? Did you help the one in the marketplace meet up w/ the over- talkative chick? Try talking to the thief on that screen, and let him know that YOU know he stole the documents that the slave needs to prove her innocence. Then, you can give them to the harmonium officer that you helped hook up w/ the girl.

-- Rouver (, January 20, 2000.

Actually, I tried about a dozen times and then suddenly, I got away with it without any other citizen getting hostile.

I now face a new problem........

-- Gijsbert dos Santos (, January 20, 2000.

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