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Did the Seaboard ever run any type of passenger service into Columbus Union Station? Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (, January 18, 2000


Bob - According to a 1933 OFFICIAL GUIDE all three railroads in Columbus, Ga., used the same station, though by '33 the SAL had dropped passenger service. As far as SAL passenger service went, until sometime between May 1924 and October 1925 the SAL ran two trains a day into Columbus. After that, one train a day. By December 1930 that one train a day had become a gas electric car. A year later the branch was freight only. In the 1920's the SAL had a "downtown" office in Columbus, in the Swift Bldg. To verify your station question, make a visit to the Columbus City Library and see if they have either business directories and/or telephone books from the 1920's. These should provide some clues. Tom.

-- Tom Underwood (, January 28, 2000.

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