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Salaam unto the Faithful,

It is true that our Friend Paul Bowles has flown the coup & left the Desert. His attainment, that is Illumination (Moroc)should be recognized by the Orthodox by bestowing upon him Moorish Canonization. To wit: He should be Sainted, Knighted, Honored & given the Key the City. The Moorish Black Guard, in co-operation with the Mosque of the Seven Eyes plan to gather under this auspicious and over due occassion. No doubt the Seattle Moorish Observatory will take part in the Ceremony/Revelry. The time and place will be decided upon by those moors who express interest soon. Those who cannot attend in person may send speeches to be read at the service to the below address.

Highest (Very Highest) Regards,

Prince Selim-Bey,7th of the 7th, M.B.G. "We Have Agents Everywhere."

Address Correspondance to:

Prince Selim-Bey, M.B.G. c/o OUROBOROS Post Office Box 4742 Seattle, Washington 98104-0742

-- Prince Selim-Bey (, January 18, 2000



please let mu/us know via email and the b.b. when how where thir auspiciouse gathering will take place. the fire shrine will send a speach or speaches to be delivered (if not present) and hold a simultaneouse event (").

ishq the combustible caliph

-- Omar El Flam Bey (, January 26, 2000.

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