AC goes from -2 to 6 in Nameless ones crypt..Bug? : LUSENET : Planescape: Torment : One Thread

In Drowned Nations before I went into the Nameless Ones crypt my AC was at -2. After I visited the crypt and read all the inscriptions and got all my loot and left i realized my inteligence was being magically inhanced to 18 at the same time my AC had dropped down to 6. I figured it would be something that would wear off. After resting I found my inteligence was back down to normal but my AC was still 6. I dropped all my items to see if something was causing it and I found no correlation between the items and the my low AC. Im wondering if it was becouse I was killed while in the crypt. Anyone experience this? Is this a bug?

-- Craig Clark (, January 18, 2000

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