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I'm sending work to a gallery, and am matting the prints. Once they are matted, is it normal to just put them in poly bags, or should a 1 ply archival sheet be put over the image inside the bag, or put the 1 ply between poply bags.

Is there a good book on presentation procedures?

-- Allen Birnbach (, January 18, 2000


I have to ask...Why are you sending original work to a gallery? I make copies of my matted work on to slides, then send the slides to the gallery (usually 20 slides) with a SASE. I only use original work when I have an appointment - face to face - with the gallery owner and can take my work with me when I leave.

If you must send original work, make your presentation as professional as possible. Look on the Light Impressions web page: for portfolio material and books on submitting work.

Good Luck

-- Tom Rand (TR.PUR@SCHOSP.ORG), January 27, 2000.

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