old dollars & scence program on macII

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I have been using a mac II to do the books for my buisness I use Dollars & Sense and an old 1980's excell spread sheet. I thought the dollars and sense program was going to be y2k compatable because it went to the year 2000 when I extended the files to a new year but when I go to print checks it prints 1904 on them. I also have a g3 but the old version of excell wont run on it. I am looking for either a newer version of the program dollars & sense, that might be y2k ok, or advice on which new software I should purchase for my g3 and trash the old mac II computor alltogether. I need a program that will do both book keeping and have a spread sheet to enter my daily cash register receipts. I have concidered quicken, and quick books but dont know what will best meet my needs. Any ideas?

-- Linda (gemfibrozil@excite.com), January 09, 2000

-- Linda (gemfibrozil@excite.com), January 17, 2000

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