tormented big time: the game crashes all the time when I go from area to area. The patch does not help! : LUSENET : Planescape: Torment : One Thread

Hey Everybody! 'just wanted to see if anybody else is having problems, or its just me: I am only able to get so far in the game, after that when I try to leave an area, the game just crashes. I have installed the beta-patch, and the crashes actually became more severe. Anybody?

-- Victoria Colflesh (, January 17, 2000


i would get crashes like that once in a while, or somtime if there was a huge fight with a lot of characters and magic going around. i never downloaded the patch or had the problen enough to get annoyed. maybe you don't have enough ram, try shutting down your virus program and clossing all non essential programs.

-- figboy (, January 17, 2000.

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