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Hi, all-

I would like to welcome to this forum site for communication research class. The forum page is farily simple to use. So, don't be afraid of having experiment with it.

I would like to mention several things...

1. You can use "add an alert" option to get the messages -- via email -- that are going to be put in this forum. In this way, you don't have to actually use the world wide web browser all the time. But, if you want to participate in discussions, you need to visit this forum with a browser.

2. I bet you are going to use e-mail to communicate with me sometimes. Please be sure that you write "com300:" in the subject head. For example, if you have a question about "characteristics of science", you may write in your subject heading: "com300: question on characterisics of science." So, the basic form should look as "com300: {your subject}." In this way, my e-mail program will gather all the message from you -- comm research class participants -- into a directory and I can minimize the change of loosing your e-mail.

3. I will not bring the hand-outs to the class all the time -- except the particular week in which the hand-out is suppose to given. I will try to upload the class hand-outs to the class web page or this forum site. So, if you did not come to the class and missed particular hand-outs, please check the web page and forum site first.

4. It is very important to have another copy of the assignment you hand in. Even though I am careful about keeping your hand-ins, sometimes they get lost. So, please make sure that you have another copy for the hand-ins.

5. You can use this site anyway you want. You can criticize my shyness. You can complain about my performance as a TA. You can disagree with me and other class participants. But, please be gentle when you do that to others. Communicating with others via network can easily cause an unpleasant situation.

Well, I hope you enjoy the class all the way to the end of the semester! Thanks for visiting.

-- hyo kim (hkimscil@rci.rutgers.edu), January 17, 2000

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