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Only way to escape is to kill the priest and use his key. I am given a quest to get name for nameless skeleton but cant get out to go to Drowned Nations to get her name. If I do get out by rampaging and breaking into the silent kings throne room I all the skeletons go red and I cant fullfill any quests. Once I do get out I cant find the key to Drowned Nations anyhow..........HELP! (please)

-- Craig Clark (, January 17, 2000


talk to the zombie woman who gives the dead talking skill. she will tell you of a portal in the same room that she is in. it is actually in the archway right beside her.

-- figboy (, January 17, 2000.

yes..and dont forget to talk with the "not sure to die" skeleton...then talk to Soego..then wait in his room...he leaves and then watch that tomb! here in is him diary....then you just have to talk back to hargrimm...and you solve another quest whic allow you to leave Witout killing everybody specially Hargrimm..he's very sympathic dnt you think?...good luck!

-- Morgan (, January 18, 2000.

You can also just give her a name, without actually finding out her real least, it was in MY talk options...

How do you complete the quests for the rats, by getting into the silent king's chambers without killing everyone? Or do you have to kill everyone to get in there? (I've only gotten in there by killing everyone)

-- Rouver (, January 20, 2000.

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