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Carol was supposed to be suffering from post partum depression in the 1/13 episode. Other than her crying scene in the lounge she seemed fine to me. I cried some in the early weeks after all my children were born but never suffered from post partum depression per se. What are some of the other symptoms? I wonder if this is just the beginning or will she be fine by the next episode? I really felt for her when she was crying, I hated being away from my babies when they were really little. My oldest looked just like her daddy. With Carol's luck those little love bundles look a lot like Doug so that everytime she looks into their faces he is looking back at her. sob...

-- Dianne (, January 17, 2000


There is "baby blues" and there is post partum depression.... there is also a VERY big differance between the two. Post partum depression is quite severe, uncommon, and usually lasts a full year or so, it causes the victim to become quite despondant, and possibly suisidle. It usually requires medication to control it, as the woman will be in a constant state of depression that she does not come out of at any given moment. "Baby Blues" is really normal, and causes some bouts of weepiness, depression, and despair. It only lasts about 2 or 3 months and is not so severe. Plus the mother can have periods of feeling just fine. It does not require medication and the woman eventually comes out of it on her own. Maybe Carol is suffering from those very common (but really yucky) baby blues. If she had a full blown post partum depression, she would not have even been working, (at least not without medication) and she would be under medical care for it. With twins, and being single, those Baby blues have got to be pretty intense!! Especially these being her first children! I had baby blues the worst after my first child, because I was overwhelmed with the responsiblity of mothering. My baby blues were less and less with each baby after ward. And I only had one baby at a time, and am married, and a stay at home mom. I can't imagine having twins, being a first time mother, being single, (imagine the sleep deprevation with two waking up all night) and then having the stress of having to return to work, especially when they are still so young! You are SO right!! WAAAAAA, poor Carol!!

-- (, January 17, 2000.

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