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-- ER Online (, January 15, 2000


very smart, just doesn't always show it, not that I mind, he's gorgeous however smart he is!

-- Andrea Corrigan (, March 29, 2000.

deSPITE the fact that he went to the college in the carbians-i think he is very smart...and yes! hot

-- Emliy (, May 08, 2000.

You guys are crazy! Dave may be hot - but man is he stupid! Did he SLEEP his way through med school?

-- Kerryfan (, May 13, 2000.

The guy is smart but he's lazy and doesn't want to work. He's in medicine because he likes the excitement of it. Now the guy is no Albert Einstien or anything but he isn't an idiot. Any way the man is hot.

-- Jessica Aune (, May 30, 2000.

he doesn't needs brains for what i want him for!!!he is hot!!!

-- (, June 07, 2000.

Of course he has to be smart otherwise it is not possible for him to be a doctor. Think about it, if you can't reason with it, and understand and comprehend this common sense issue than I question how smart you are.

-- Jenni C (, December 25, 2000.

Ok, now not to mention that he is extremely nice to look at, he is smart. Well duh, don't you think he would have to be to be a DOCTOR< they just don't pull anyone off the streets, and so what he went to school in Grenada, that is a very good school, just cuz it isn't an american school. I know Dr. Dave is a goof off, and he slacked his way through school and that is the reason that he went there, but MANY american doctors with high MCATS are forced to go to Greanda to get their degree thanks to the stupid affirmitive action laws, call me biggoted if you must, but I don't some hot off the boat hardly speaking english communist china man with a 83 on the MCATS working on me cuz he went to the Harvard Med school cuz he had to fill the Asian quota in the college, not if there is an american doctor who got their degree in Granada with a 97 on the MCATs who can do the operation. Affirmative action SUCKS and I am saying that as a WOMAN!! A minority in a country dominated by men, but hey if they can do a better job than a woman, let them, I don't want to be stuck in a burning buliding as some petite dyke with something to prove trys to pick me up, YAY SHE CAN CARRY A 100 POUND DUMMY OUT OF A BURNING BUILDING!!! YAY, PIN A MEDAL ON HER!!! 'SCUZE ME, I JUST DIED, I WEIGH 185, GUESS I WAS JUST A SAD CASUALTY HUH? Sorry for the rant, and a bit off the topic, but YES DR. Dave is smart, and like I said, who cares where he got his degree, and like he said "It still says M.D.!!

-- Rebecca Palladino (, April 15, 2001.

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