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-- ER Online (, January 15, 2000


I think they're a cute couple. They should be together.

-- Dana (, March 25, 2000.

God I hope not!! I loved the idea of Carter and Lucy and I was so sad to find out she died! I like Jing Mei but I just want them to be friends. After all does Carter have to have a relationship with every young female doctor or character on the show???? Yeah... I hope they just remain friends NOT lovers.

-- Michelle (, April 25, 2000.

Carter is now too depress to start a relationship. Plus, I like Jing- Mei and Dave together better. I heard it somewhere that she is going to be with Romano, I hope not.

-- Kin Law (, April 30, 2000.

I hope not i think carter and lucy = love and i was sad to see her leave any way jeng-mei and dave are good togeather

-- JEN (, May 30, 2000.

I don't want them to get together. I wish Carter would tell someone he was in love with Lucy when she died.

-- Kristi (, June 09, 2000.

I'm sick of the idea that Carter should always have a relationship with a female brand-new doctor who just got at Cook Country General. I hope that Carter could build a very deep friendship with Jing-Mei like Mark and Carol did. They understood, helped, and comforted each other.

Carter is a real nice guy. BUT that doesn't mean that he should have a girlfriend all year long.^^

-- Kilim (, June 12, 2000.

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