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S-Mart is a wonderful program once it is working. However, the directions are lacking and in some places incorrect. This should help you and is intended as a supplement to the directions, not instead of them. Many Thanks to Trudy who helped me to get mine going.

Sometimes when you unzip or untar the files they have the carriage return boxes in the script. To check, open with NotePad. If the script is all messed up and has a bunch of funny looking boxes in it you will need to repair. If it looks OK dont worry about it. TO REPAIR: open files with WordPad, then click your save button. That should do it. Check with NotePad  no more boxes, ha!

OK. Now the files need to be re-named. The directions say to change the name of S-Mart.txt to S-Mart.cgi. This wont work, probably a typo. Make sure the file reads smart.cgi. Yes, smart.cgi and dont forget to 755 it since you changed the file name.

If you have any confusion on where the files go, they all go to the cgi-bin. Every last one of them, including the html files.

When you upload the files make sure you do it in ASCII and dont forget to CHMOD them!

You need to add two folders to your cgi-bin. Get in to your cgi-bin click MKDIR on your FTP or your telnet. NOTE: (You can do this whole thing using WS_FTP, no TELNET REQ!). Make a directory tmp and order. 777 them and leave both of them empty.

Assuming you have correctly configured your smart.cfg file your script should now work.

You will need to create a web page with your items on it so that people can order, or, you can use the database. Go here and click on demo. The first page you see is for a database. To use a web page based one, use whatever page you get with the results of the database as a guide.

Good luck!

-- Stephen Warriner (, January 15, 2000


I have a manual for S-mart (in beta) started. You can seeit at There is a Smart-Store link to the manual there. I will be adding the missing chapters soon and changing the chapter on the administrator because of added features. Some of the features include droplists for size, color, etc (three lists) A built in mailing list engine that 'farms' email addresses from orders. A routine that automatically creates a separate page for EVERY item in the store. And on and on. Try the DEMO store.

Anyhow, I am sure that it will be of use to some of you out there. Thanks, Greg

-- Gregory Swofford (, January 15, 2000.

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