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Here's a question for all you MARP-ers... how does everyone feel about using the MAME pause feature while doing recordings? I'm not talking about using it to gain extra response time or cheat in any way, just as a way to preserve your game to go to the bathroom or answer the phone or something like that. In my testing, I can see a slight jitter in the recording playback in places I've tried to pause/unpause, so it is noticable. What does everyone think? Does pausing a recording invalidate it for submission to MARP?

-- Dave H (, January 15, 2000


Since using pause isn't always detectable there's nothing we can do to enforce it for regular mame submissions to marp. Useing pause to go to the bathroom is fine, but you can't do this while playing the arcade game. I think it is a courtesy to imagine you were playing the real arcade game when submiting recordings but this can probably never be the case with reglar mame.

There is a new mame in development called tgmame that disables pausing and hopefully stomps out all forms of convetional cheating or mistaken advantages that keeps everyone on a level playing ground. TGMAME is the stuff where a more formal competition can exists. So, if you want to make recordings use mame, if you want to compete with the best then record with TGMAME.

The current site where you can download tgmame i think is:


-- Chad (, January 15, 2000.

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