What do you do after you complete the quests inside the Brodel?

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I have just finished the quests inside the Brodel, but I can't seem to get Ravel's Daughter to acknowlogde that she is in fact her daughter. Help anyone?

-- Elias (crpenta@hotmail.com), January 15, 2000


there are two possibilities: one you have to talk to the wizard in the private sensoriums (bring a special chocolate), or two you haven't talked to the girls enough. talk to each one asking them if kesi (or whatever her name is) is actually revel's daughter. she will eventually mentally link with her father and ask him. if she doesn't do this then talk to all of the girls again until she does. focus mainly on her sister, juliette, and the story teller girl....

-- figboy (figboy_@hotmail.com), January 15, 2000.

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