What is Carol doing about breast feeding?

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Carol returned to work in last night's episode, for a 12 hour shift. So has Carol stopped breast feeding? As a working, nursing mother, Carol would need to pump or nurse at least three times during the shift, though probably four or more considering that she had twins, to keep up her milk supply and prevent engorgement. In fact her whole day would revolve around it.

Inquiring minds want to know.

-- Karen Zukor (kzukor@nersc.gov), January 14, 2000


There was a breast pump on the table in the lounge in this past episode. I was wondering if she was so behind because she's having to take breaks to pump. It'll be interesting to see if ER addresses this.

-- Phyl (erfan@flash.net), January 16, 2000.

It would be very difficult to keep up with the pumping while trying to work a 12 hour shift. And oh boy, the milk she must have with twins! Ouch! Engorgement problems are inevitable. She better have about 100 cases of breast pads. Poor Carol. I wonder who is watching those little love bundles when she's at work?

-- Dianne (trekker@myremarq.com), January 16, 2000.

I hope Mama Hathaway is caring for them, and that we get to see her again.

-- May Archer (archere@cadvision.com), January 17, 2000.

If the size of her breasts mean anything, she isn't breastfeeding any more. Trust me on this one, her boobs would be so much bigger. (Not being gross- just realistic. I've been there- I know!) jo

-- jo (joranger@aol.com), January 17, 2000.

actually thats not necessarily true, it really just depends on the mother. I breastfed all my kids full time, (no supplementing) and I was not very big at all. Except for the first week after birth when my milk first came in, after that I was only a C cup (up from a B cup). LOL besides she didn't really have kids, so they can't change the size of her breasts just for the show. Or maybe they can, who knows. But lets get away from this sick sterotype that every mom that breastfeeds is huge! REALLY!! Some women are, some aren't.

-- (PattiePeppermint@cs.com), January 17, 2000.

Actually, Julianna has stated in at least one interview that they padded her breasts, at least for the pregnancy...(I believe it was on E!) I would assume they'd continue to do so now since she's breatfeeding. I was actually checking to see if they looked any different in this past episode, but then I couldn't remember what they normally look like. :-D

-- random person (ewwhatevr@aol.com), January 17, 2000.

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