O.T.? Explosion in Garland leaves 3 dead.

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House explosion kills 3 in Garland


Associated Press

GARLAND, Texas -- Two women and a man were killed early today when an explosion flattened their house and sent debris flying for blocks along a normally quiet residential street in this northeast Dallas suburb.

The blast at 1302 Alamo Lane obliterated the single-story brick house just north of the center of Garland and hurled insulation as far as three blocks. Wires from the home were strung onto nearby trees like spider webs.

Albert and Lillian Holbert, both 80, and Mrs. Holbert's 83-year-old sister, Callie Hickerson, were killed in the 3:15 a.m. blast, said Stewart Smith, spokesman for the Garland Fire Department.

Neighbors said Ms. Hickerson was helping care for Mrs. Holbert, who had recently undergone surgery.

``I was just over there yesterday. I can't get over this. Oh my God,'' said a tearful Irene Dixson, who lived across the street from the Holberts for the past 42 years.

No injuries among the neighbors were reported. The Holberts and Ms. Hickerson were believed to be the only people in the house at the time of the blast, Smith said.

Firefighters suspected a natural gas line ruptured beneath the house. Firefighters responding to the explosion found a natural gas leak burning at the house, and neighboring homes were evacuated for about three hours, he said.

``We don't know anything about the cause because we haven't been cleared to go in and investigate,'' said Carol Peters, a spokeswoman from TXU Electric and Gas Co. TXU was able to shut off the gas leak, however.

Neighbors said they were rocked from their sleep by the force of the blast, which shattered windows in nearby houses. One neighbor said the blast sounded like a telephone pole landing on her roof.

``It's a rude awakening at 3 o'clock in the morning to hear a blow like that and get blown half out of bed,'' said Frank Kelsey, another neighbor. ``We were laying there half-awake, and I heard a loud explosion. I thought it was the back end of my house at first. Then I went out in the back yard and saw it was theirs.

-- cheryl (watching@waiting.com), January 14, 2000


This is definitely Y2K related. Too many coincidental explosions.

-- (mark@kleptor.net), January 14, 2000.

This is unlikely to be y2k related. There has been significant shifting of land mass in north texas this past year (drought related). This has resulted in many, many water and gas line ruptures with attendant leaks. I'm looking at the cracks in my walls and sniffing daily for gas leaks..... All electric (or solar?) is sounding safer every day.

-- me (xxx@north.tex), January 14, 2000.

Side question: Which prophet at the prophesy club predicted natural gas fires across the nation? Or was it fires which to me just sounded like a result of natural pipelines? Was it Dimitri? Anyone recall?

-- Hokie (Hokie_@hotmail.com), January 14, 2000.


Those yo-yo's at the Prophecy Club are fakes. Stop and really analyze those "prophecies" and you'll find that its all a sham. Dimitru actually prophesied the US would be nuked by November of 1995, then it got rolled back to by March of 96, then it was Nov. of 97 then by March of 98, then it would be by Nov of 98, then March of 99 then before the year 2000... then it definitely was to be the winter of 2000. Do you catch a pattern here?

They have a bunch of guys predicting Russia-China sneak attack on the US... but at the same time that God told them that America is Mystery Babylon (which the scriptures teach is 100% destroyed in a surprise judgment --"as with Sodom and Gomorrah")... these guys said that God told them that America would survive and spare the Godly and destroy the wicked liberals and Y2K pollies and all other heathen. OF course that even despite the war...they prophesied that the CLUB would not be destroyed and would expand and grow with a new giant office bldg and new TV studios and yada, yada, yada. Now look at the logic here. A nuclear war wipes out all of America, except for the CLUB and a few chosen ones... ??? Sounds like a cult to me, how about you?

Now another wacko named Dan Bohler out of Kansas City is another one of their featured "frauds" who made claims that the 1993 and 1995 floods of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers would kill thousands due to epidemics of typhoid fever etc. etc. especially in his home area of Kansas City. EXCUSE ME...but it never happened... BUT THIS GUY CLAIMS IT DID.... I'm from Illinois and have lots of relatives and friends that live from St Louis to Kansas City... and no one will say even a few died from Typhoid or any other flood-borne disease so...

I'd think real hard about believing any of those "prophets" from that bunch at the Prophecy Club. They've yet to produce a real modern-day prophet. They started out with some good scholars who simply provided classroom type information...but that's not flashy enough nor pro$per ou$ enough for them.

-- Truth squad (Falseprophets@exposed.again), January 15, 2000.

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