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I happened to catch the episode on TNT where Benton finds out Carla is pregnant. It's interesting to see this scene in light of their custody fight this season. First Peter says "but we were careful" and Carla cheerily says "well nothing works all the time". Then Peter says "Are you sure it's mine?" and Carla gives him a look that could freeze and says "I'm not even going to answer that."

So, I'm thinking, if they were "careful", maybe poor Reese isn't Peter's son, but then again, Carla was pretty angry when Peter asked if it was his.

Hmm...Was she covering up then and now she's telling the truth? Or was her reaction honest then and now she's just trying to psyche out Benton?

-- Debbie V (, January 13, 2000


That is a good question but I'm pretty sure Reese is Peters baby. As you continue to watch the reruns you will see everything Carla & Peter go through, especially as she gets close to the end of her pregnancy. Reese's birth was heart wretching. I don't want to tell you in case you haven't seen it yet. I think she said what she did to get back at him for what she felt he was putting her through with the paternity suit. If she had been with someone else during that period it was strictly casual as she said. There was a period after Reese was born that it seemed like they were going to get back together, or so it seemed to me. Peter made a good point when he stepped to her about not pursuing the paternity issue and he knew in his heart or whatever he said that Reese was his and Carla's child. Carla has no idea how lucky she is to have a devoted father and step-father in Reese's life. I did not appreciate the fact that they threatened to take Reese to Germany either. Carla could have been a little more kinder, especially on Christmas when she told Peter they were not leaving. She would have been miserable. Roger probably would have either been working or gone all the time on business trips and she would have been BY HERSELF in a foreign country with a hearing impaired child and no Peter, no Daphne, nobody.

-- Vanessa Graves (, February 09, 2000.

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