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Y2K People Finding People -

Don't Read - Don't Heed- What the Doomsayer has to say- IF you wish to continue to enjoy your dreams.

This news is NOW! It is CURRENT! If you read it ALL then YOU will be CURRENT now! And sleep not so well.

Like many Russian Generals (and some U.S. Generals) China's Minister of Defense says, "War with the U.S. is INEVITABLE". ================= BILL GERTZ THE WASHINGTON TIME January 12, 2000

Last week, Hong Kong's Cheng Ming newspaper quoted Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian as saying war with the United States is inevitable.

"Seen from the changes in the world situation and the United States' hegemonic strategy for creating monopolarity, war is inevitable," Mr. Chi told a military conference in early December.

"We cannot avoid it," he was quoted in the newspaper as saying. "The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war. . . .


You may say, so what? How much of a nuclear power is China? But they are enough of one to upset your day and their alliance with Russia is growing stronger all the time.

Russias nuclear instability grows apace. It is not just me saying this: Read the following link - It will tell you a lot.

=============== "Officials worry panicked Russia could launch missiles in error" JONATHAN S. LANDAY Mercury News Washington Bureau January 9, 2000 link: ==============

But Why? Why? Why? The cold war is over isnt it? Life is good. Why should it end?

The thinking person should read CAREFULLY the following January 10, 2000 link:

There is much more that I could tell you. I receive many emails each day from very knowledgeable people pointing out how the war in Chechnya is worsening for Russia, and that there is an increasing inclination for them to use tactical nuclear weapons.

The media would have you think that the Y2K bug is past. But it isn't. Serious, serious problems are beginning to surface.

There is supposedly an oil glut, left over from Y2K stockpiling by governments and giant corporations. But oil prices are rising. Refineries are being taken off line, supposedly Y2K unrelated. But gasoline prices are rising. Refineries are cutting back on production (again supposedly Y2K unrelated) when they run most efficiently at full production. But gasoline prices are rising. Europe supposedly doesn't have a problem But oil is being diverted to Europe both from the mid-east and the U.S. and oil prices are rising. There has been no report about the Siberian pipeline that I have heard and oil prices are rising in Europe. The weather has been warm cutting down the seasonal demand for heating oil and oil prices are rising The good weather has made refinery production much easier but refinery production is cutting back and gasoline prices are rising This list goes on and on.

To an economist it does not make sense. More product available is not supposed to lead to higher prices. OPEC is powerful, but not THAT powerful. I just do not understand, unless some people, some where, understand some thing, that rest of us don't know about - yet.

My thesis has always been - Y2K could create a Siberian Pipeline Problem Leading to major European Energy Shortage Leading to European and Russian Economic problems Contributing to Russian Social Instability Contributing to Global Instability, under which heightened pressures and paranoia, there is the heightened possibility of nuclear war, accidental or otherwise.

These are but the natural parameters of what I of course see as a Divine Destiny.

The Year 2000 is not the beginning of a new millenium. It is the end of the old. The year of fulfillment. The millenialists Year of Years. That which has been prophesized from old. The time of trouble such as the world has never seen. We have come to it - NOW!

But, who wants to hear a doomsayer. Read not. Heed not. Sleep on. Pleasant dreams.

Peace and love, Bruce Beach

-- Bill P (, January 13, 2000


Sometime around 1980 China enacted the "Marriage Law" which dictated that couples marry later and have only one child per family, this was to curb the birth rate.

As male children are more valued than female children, the rate of abortion and infanticide of female children dramatically increased as well adoption by foreign families of Chinese girl children.

Now some 5 to 10 years all those male children will be of marring age and there will be more of them than females. What will China do with all those young men?

If you can't marry them off you have to send them to war, otherwise they're a problem to society. I feel like it's just a matter of time before China declares war with someone. You can't have that much unbridled young male energy in a society without an outlet.

-- Mabel Dodge (, January 13, 2000.

Bruce, if you read this,

I saw your picture in the newspaper, and in a magazine, and I read your stuff on the web. I read the secondary clock stuff. You were mentioned on the radio too. And weren't you on TV?

I've been trying to find a nice town to move to for years. I've looked in Aliston, Bradford, Tottenham, Barrie, Holland Landing, and others. What's life like in Horning's Mills? Any jobs around there?

I'll have to come by and visit your town some day.

For what it's worth, put your trust in "the way, the truth and the life". (Maybe you do already - couldn't tell from your web site.) Christian prophecy is the Divine Destiny.

-- Cable_man (, January 13, 2000.

Watch out for those Kings of the East!

-- Cable_man (, January 13, 2000.

Ummm, Mabel, according to this website, Chinese males of military service age only outnumber females 106- 100.

-- Etta James (, January 13, 2000.

Cable Man,

I think Mr. Beach did a fine job w/ his secondary clock paper, and emailed him to say so (my blurb appears on his web site...see if you can figure out which one it is...hint: I'm the *other* Paula).

Maybe we should set up a TB2000 field trip to parts north, and visit Horning's Mills.

My vote for the greatest place to live is Lafontaine, on Georgian Bay (not far north of Barrie).


-- silver ion (, January 13, 2000.

Ummm, Mabel, according to this website, Chinese males of military service age only outnumber females 106-100. -- Etta James (, January 13, 2000.

IF those figures are correct that's today Etta, I'll bet ya a dollar that as the years pass the discrepancy in numbers will rise.

It's only been 20 years since the law was passed and I'm not sure if 1980 was the date, it could have been later. Figure also, it took some time to set up the system to implement the law.

SOOO my guess is that in the coming years there will be a BIG difference in numbers between marriageable men and women.

-- Mabel Dodge (, January 13, 2000.

Hey Ettaaaa!

Take a look at these numbers.... Look Here

-- Mabel Dodge (, January 13, 2000.

silver ion,

I'd love to go on a field trip to visit the Beach bus bunker. I'd stop by in Shelburne and check it out - it has a hospital and OPP station - just might be a fine town to live in. With kids you consider things such as medical and police facilities.

I also liked Bruce's secondary clock article. I understood it for the most part, but don't ask me to repeat it now!

As far as Lafontaine goes, I can only guess the snowmobiling is good up there that far north

Give your dog(s) a hug for me.

-- Cable_Man (, January 13, 2000.

I would not be the least bit surprised to hear the Chinese army is marching with the Russian army in my lifetime.... looking for oil in the mid East.

-- Cable_man (, January 13, 2000.

I believe Bruce is an honest and sincere individual who is correctly concerned about an attack from one of our potential enemies. However, I believe it is more likely to be a covert biological attack than a nuclear attack.

-- Dave (, January 13, 2000.

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