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I am in the process of writing an article on riding the secondary trains of both ACL and SAl in 1960's (1960-1967) I am looking for photos of trains "Havana Special", "Sunland", "Palmland" and the equipment used, such as head end cars, coaches, sleepers, hvywt diners on SAL, grill cars on SAL, etc. You will get full credit and a word of appreciation in article(s). Also need shots of old Savannah Union Station, Jacksonville Terminal, Seaboard Miami station, Richmond Broad Street, and any shots of intermediate stations with secondary trains. Help!

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak, January 12, 2000


Unfortunately I don't have any photos to lend to your project, however I can't wait to read your new book! Have you checked with Seth Bramson? He has photos of everything passenger related.

-- Richard Stallworth (, October 18, 2000.

Mike, I have several equipment shots that may fill the bill,as well as some train pics. I'll send you a list if you're still interested. p.s. The obsy cover article really was a winner!

-- paul coe (, October 17, 2000.

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