Pulling a DiPietro?

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I was talking with a friend who stated that he had to "pull a DiPietro" before stopping over in my room. I am wondering what this is; what is "pulling a DiPietro"?

-- Craigith (lampec@rpi.edu), January 12, 2000


A dippy etro is one who is, while seemingly scatterbrained, very much a hetero. Thus when one pulls a Dippyhetero, which is proounced in the colloquial vernacular as a "DiPietro," one really intends to mislead an audience or friends who are expecting either an etro who is firmly in possession of his or her faculties, or else a dippy omo. Thus it is the very "pulling" of the DiPietro which implies the negation of the mispronounced description.

-- Freshman (freshm@rpi.edu), January 19, 2000.

I firmly believe this discussion was targeted at myself and my supreme race of DiPietros. Now, our specie has long survived such catastrophic events as the Ice Age, the Black Plague, and NBC's cancellation of "The Golden Girls." It is obvious that our line of genetic prowress is superior; "pulling a DiPietro" simply means surviving something "wicked less than good." Oh, and I looked that up, too.

-- Douglas DIPIETRO (doug@sheeridiocy.net), February 08, 2000.

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