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Can anyone please advise me on examples of the use of cameras and tv screens as security devices in unglazed elevators? I am trying to find out if this might be an acceptable solution for a single floor elevator in a bus interchange - cameras in the lift and at the ground floor and first floor lobbies, with viewable screens. In this way, the occupant of the elevator could see who is around the lift lobby and the people at the lift lobby could see who is in the lift. Looking for it as a personal safety perception solution as well as surveillance to minimise vandalism. Examples of camera security solutions appreciated.

-- Brian Smith (, January 11, 2000


I have seem many elevators and landing lobies w/ security cameras. Most of these are used with a recorder at reduced frames/sec rates to catch criminals in action. Never seen one with the TV monitors viewable by passengers at the landing, or in reverse with the monitor inside the car.

-- Don Vollrath (, February 03, 2000.

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