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Do you take imaginary trips, meet fascinating imaginary friends?

Sometimes it's a daydream of India. Once in awhile I wash the dishes while walking on a mountain trail in Alaska. Along the way I bump into all sorts of interesting folks that after awhile begin to take on real character and I wonder if they are real.

I used to travel a great deal for my work, though never as far away as India. Since simplifying my life I miss the adventure of those trips. So now they happen in my daydreams. I've begun collecting bits of travel memorabilia, maps, ticket stubs, bus tokens.

Where do you travel in your imagination?

-- Michele (, January 11, 2000


That's interesting - I tend to only use my imagination for fantasy adventures like that in the rare moments I am lying in bed but not yet sleeping. And I never travel anywhere in my imaginings - but I have a marked lack of interest in travel, per se. Meet the original homebody. Heh.

I tend to idealize situations in my imagination - stuations that are already ongoing - that's where I travel.

Otherwise I make up characters to the nth degree of detail - that's what I do with my imagination - wonder what this or that character would do in some stuation I never intend to allow them to be in to begin with. LOL.


-- Catherine (, January 12, 2000.

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