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I purchased the robot modron and I can access to Modron Maze. The only confusing thing is that I try to find the exit portal everywhere. So can anyone tell me where is it?

I got some news that if I set the difficulty settings after Nameless One becomes the director in the Engineering Modrons Room and I need to find this Evil Wizard. Can you tell me where is he?

How to get Modron PC there?

-- Dennis (, January 11, 2000


i don't know about any evil wizard, however when you enter the maze you will encounter a room full of modrons at the end. talk to all of them. through dialog choices with nordom, you will become the engineer and will be able to control the maze, and you will be given a portal gem. this item is in your inventory like the modron doll and can be used at anytime when you are in the maze to trasport you to practally any part of sigil. now when i first encountered the maze i set the difficulty to max and couldn't make it through, so i portaled out. i never had time to go back (or never made time) so i don't know if there is a mage at the end or how to make nordom join the party.

-- figboy (, January 11, 2000.

the evil wizard exists only on Hard difficulty, but the maze is randomly generated so i'm not sure where you can find him. Also, on Hard you can find Nordom (PC). If you defeat the evil wizard, you get the Portal gem and Mechanus'Cannon.. You can use the portal gem to travel from the modron maze to any location you've been before. It doesn't work outside of the maze, though. Mechanus' Cannon is a really powerful L8 spell that blasts your opponent away

-- Gijsbert dos Santos (, January 19, 2000.

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