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I have been experimenting with Astarte M.Pack and Adaptec Toast 3.5.5.

I have made MPEG Streams and burnt the files onto a CD successfully but when I play the VCD in a dedicated player the Audio is jumpy and broken up and almost twice as fast as what it should be.

Does anyone have any answers to this?


-- Geoff (, January 10, 2000


Hi Geoff, one issue taht might resolve this is, the burn speeds, for instance the burn speed for platsation games are 1-2 speed as the reader is that speed. I tried it with a faster speed when I first started out aand found skipping audio within the file.Try also spreading out the keyframes as well, as this might be to much data for the reader as well. It would good to find a spec page for VCD, theres an app you should look into call B's recorder its simple drag and drop for making vcds, the burns work fine from there ALl the best dman

-- dman (, December 19, 2000.

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