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Is there any substitute for chocolate..?? I've never found one.

If you have, don't keep it to yourself already..!


-- Immy (, January 10, 2000


frozen marshmallows.

and tiny tots(tm) by allens(tm). yummy!

if i think of something else, i'll let you know...

-- sammy (, January 10, 2000.

no! it's jelly tots(tm). forgive me, i'm not thinking straight today. i'm even getting my favourite snack foods mixed up!

-- sammy (, January 10, 2000.

Ahhh, jellytots, so yummy. Not chocolate though.. and when I meant substitute for chocolate, I meant substitute that won't add (more) inches to my hips..

I need a non fattening chocolate substitute, and fast.

My pants thank you in advance..

-- Immy (, January 11, 2000.

I hate to tell you this, but there IS no substitute for choclate. Although, I strongly believe that you CAN eat choclate and still lose weight, you just have to exercise more. Just. Good luck with your walking. If you can get it to work the first week, then you are in a new habit.

-- Maria (, January 11, 2000.

There is, indeed, something better than chocolate.

More chocolate.

-- Grebil (, January 11, 2000.

of course there is no substitute for chocolate. who'd want to substitute .... but, the real question is, WHICH CHOCOLATE IS BEST? Cadbury is the best in the low price range, but if money's no object, i crave Lindt, which has to be the ultimate in lazy person's chocolate, the little squares are already broken up for you ... saves SO much time when eating ...

-- jilly (, January 11, 2000.

Hey Immy, how about trying this?

I used to take a bag of chocolate chips (can you buy low-fat versions?) and toss them in the freezer. I found that my chocolate cravings were satisfied much more quickly because you just take a wee handful but since they're frozen, you end up kind of holding them in your mouth until they melt instead of chowing down on 3 kit kat bars. It sort of lasts longer so you end up with a compromise: you don't give up something you love, but you don't overdo it either.

-- sherry (, January 11, 2000.

I don't know if I can get low fat chocolate chips, but there's definitely low fat chocolate, and that's a good idea you have there Sherry so I might try freezing some and see how I go.

Usually though, I do find it easier to just cut something out completely. I'm just so crap at moderation

-- Immy (, January 11, 2000.

Sex, simply lots of really good sex. Brittly says it burns a ton of calories too. I don't care about calories, but sex is better than any sort of chocolate. Even choctops!

Whatever the hell those are.

--jim (brittly's hubby)

-- Jim (, January 11, 2000.

I'm not knocking sex - sex is good, it's just not as good as chocolate..

Chocolate is always good.

-- Immy (, January 13, 2000.

I don't know if chocolate is "always" good..

One time, I had some chocolate and it was just a bad experience. First, I couldn't get the wrapper off so I had to tear it, then I wasn't sure where I should put my mouth first and god knows my tongue had no idea what to do.

I kept making moaning noises about how good the chocolate tasted because we were both insecure, but I really wasn't enjoying it because I was worrying too much thinking if the chocolate was really enjoying it or was it just faking those noises.

Then I started to think how this was wrong because even though I really liked chocolate, I didn't love it so was I just leading myself on? So with all those doubts surging through my mind it's no wonder I couldn't finish the whole piece of chocolate.

But that sort of thing happens to every guy right?


-- John B. (, January 13, 2000.

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