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i cant seem to find pharod, how do you get to him ?

Also how do you crush the portal key in ragpicker's square?

-- david khenkin (, January 10, 2000


Pharod does take a while to find how to get to him. There is some collector in Ragpicker's Square that you can ask about Pharod and he says to go talk to Creedon. Creedon is in front of the building where you sell the rats, I forgot the name of it. He says to talk to Iron Nalls, the woman hanging out around the boards in the market. She will give you a piece of junk to use to open the portal. The portal is in Ragpicker's Square, on the west side of the map, there is a ramp that runs north. Follow the ramp and you find it ends with a wall. When you move your cursor over it and click when there is the ? mark, one of options will be to thrust the junk in a hole. From there, you should figure the rest out.

-- Joe (, January 11, 2000.

Just so you know, any junk will's pretty much all over the place. :) I picked some up while I was still in the morgue, and just used that. It's in boxes here & there, too. It doesn't have to come from a specific person.

The Nameless One does it on his own...if you try to go thru the door again, you shouldn't be able to open it.

-- Rouver (, January 12, 2000.'re asking about how to USE the key to get out of that 'trap building', right? You can either 1. kill 'em & take the key or 2. pay 'em & get the key from them. To crush the key, look at it in your inventory screen (right click on it), and the option should be there to USE it. :)

-- Rouver (, January 12, 2000.

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