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I've trying to find Razal Puzzleweave, and am having a heck of a time doing it. I know the key is the bloody hankerchief, but I can't get the dialouge option for it without talking to that chocolate wizard, and I can't talk to him without joining the sensates. Problem is, I don't want to join the sensates.. I'm already a Godeman, and I really, really like "Ascension". I was told there was someone you could talk to that would tell you that you are already a Sensate, and thus Splinter will allow you to enter the sensoriums without having to abandon your current faction.. I've seen it done, just don't know who I have to talk to.

-- Drake (, January 10, 2000


if you are already talking to the chocalate wizard, then you lied about being a sensate and you don't need to actually become one. if you want to talk to him, give hime a rare chocolate. also use the sensate stones, they will give you clues. lastly rest in the civic fest hall and go search the room they give you....that will get you started.

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000.

there shoul be a dialog choice where you say that you "are a sensate" but you haven't been around in a long time. however your INT stat might not be high enough, and then this might not be an optin for you

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000.

So, you've actually talked to the chocolate wizard, and it's not just something you've heard from someone else? If that's the case, you've already convinced them that you were a Sensate in a previous life or something....

If you haven't actually done this on your own, and only know about the chocolate wizard from someone else telling you, you need to talk to the guy standing right inside the front door of the Sensate building. He'll tell you all about the sensoriums & such, and as you're talking to him, there should be an option about asking to become a Sensate, and also an option (perhaps after inquiring into becoming a Sensate) where if you can share a good enough experience to prove you were once a Sensate, they'll let you into the private sensoriums...good luck

-- Rouver (, January 12, 2000.

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