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We have created about 20 packages on the test server. Everything on the test database worked fine so we decided to put the application on the production server.

my question is how do I move all of the packages from test to production without recreating them from scratch? I opened the test version and did a save as but when I went to modify the server name from the Test server to the Production server, it gave me an error message that the sa login name is not valid. Any ideas?

by the way, if I recreate the packages, they work fine.



-- Anonymous, January 10, 2000



I can get an error message that says, "Error Description: Login failed for user 'sa'." if the sa password is not the correct one for the Production server.

If this is the error message that you get, I suspect that the package that you are copying specifies an sa password different than the one needed on the Production server (or perhaps because the package on the Test server uses NT authentication, it does not specify the sa password).

If you are getting a different error message, or are getting the same error message but are sure the sa password is correct for the Production server, please post a new question with more details (especially the exact text of the error message).

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, January 10, 2000

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