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now that i'm done and unsatisfied with the end, does any one know of any trainer or cheat programs so that if i decide to play again the start won't be so slow?

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000


there are some trainers at it gives you unlimited money and 25000 hit points. there is also a way of making your character have god stats using hex editor, it is provided on the site

-- Joe (, January 10, 2000.

The hex edit is also good for quick level ups later in the game as well as new classes without trainers available. the stats for your level are the four just before your ST,DEX,INT, ect....Only problem is you get none of the level up stuff like new spells or new thief skills so use sparingly.Stilll looking for the level stats in the hex for the rest of the stuff....

-- Galcisun Nagar (, January 13, 2000. has the hey locasions to get around the level up I posted by uping EXP. points instead...

-- Galcisun Nagar (, January 13, 2000.

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