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I finished the game the other day and have been replaying the finale ever since, convinced I must have missed something...

No big final battle with my "crew" at my side, fighting fearlessly, willing to die for my cause (or is it my high carhisma score).

I kill my "mortality" (with a little help from Annah and her backstab) and promptly reincarnate (scars, tatoos and all) at the scene of a planes battle. Where's the explanation of how, what and why???

Is that all there is...

-- I. B. Dunn (, January 10, 2000


i know what you mean. i assumed all along that once you got your mortality you would search for the reason you gave it up and then fight the real bad guy. i had a harder time fighting trias the betraying angel guy. half my map is still unexplored. when you talk to the three of you keep the dialog going as long as possible and you will get a few explanations, but they are really unsatisfactory.... oh well still not as good as pen&paper.

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000.

one other thing, try raising morte first (the loveable little shit is just faking death) he'll get up and tell you to use your power on someone else!

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000.

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