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In all the other RPG's I've ever played, I've never really had money problems...I'm fairly frugal, and by the time I'm into the game a ways, I usually have more money than I really need. I feel like I SHOULD be at that point, but I'm always trying to scrape together a few coins to get some of those more expensive items. Anyone have any ideas on how to get some money?

-- Rouver (, January 09, 2000


Well, If you don't mind changing your alignment, try attacking the citizens that are around the various areas. If you're in the lower ward and farther areas, then talk to some cafe patrons or people hanging around the bars and try to start a fight. Then sell their stuff after you kill them. If you're worried about losing your comrades in attacking people, drop them from your party and come back for them after you've killed a few innocent people. You'll also find out that the game conviently spawns fresh people after you've moved from one area to another and then back.

-- the deceiver (, January 10, 2000.

you know by the time you actually get the big coin, you won't have anywhere to spend it, or sell items for more, and the game will almost be over.

-- figboy (, January 10, 2000.

The best place is in the maze. You can redo the maze as much as you like, and the eye pieces sell for a good sum.

-- Barnack (, January 16, 2000.

the portalkeys from the mordronmaze goes for about 3400geld a piece, and there are atleast 2 or more such on the easiest level, its a good start.

-- mil (, February 05, 2000.

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