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Let me start by saying, I think it is OK for people to have been wrong about y2k predictions. But I also think people in a position of leadership...any type of leadership should be held more accountable for their words and actions.

That seems to be happening with regard to the better known names in the y2k debacle, but there are a few that have quietely "slipped out the back". One of these people is Chris Bayer, a pastor in Gig Harbor WA., who is also a seller of survival foods.

Pastor Chris used to run a y2k forum on greenspun....and he frequently needled those he considered "pollies" or worse, he allowed others to do that for him. His forum began to die off in the Fall of 99, and his price for one year packages of food dropped from $1295.00 to $595.00. This begs the question....why?.

WHY would he be able to afford such a cut-rate...unless he was SERIOUSLY overcharging at the $1300 level! (I believe this establishes that Chris believed he could make money of off y2k hysteria. more on that later.)

Back to Chris' y2k forum. It has been closed. I found it ironic that one of the last postings was someone asking "does pastor grifter think he is off the hook?" They then proceeded to post several of Pastor Bayer's comments about y2k "inside" information.

Remember, this is the same man who had a lady ask on his forum "who is gary north?" The ONLY person to offer information on who North was was summarily ridiculed...everyone simply told this person "you had better stock up!"

Each time good news was posted to Pastor Chris' forum, It was ridiculed. I have a copy of one of his threads entitled "don't be lulled to sleep". He ended this post with the line "don't sulk, buy in bulk!" (I will be re-posting the entire thread seperately from this one)

So I guess my question in all of this is...Should this man be held accountable for his fear-mongering, possibly even be reported to his parishiners (who may not have been aware of his lies regarding y2k "insider" information)

Does this man need to be held accountable or not?

-- why (would he@do.this?), January 08, 2000


more info ("don't be lulled to sleep" by Pastor Chris Bayer)

-- What (do@you.think.this.guy.was.doing?), January 14, 2000.

P C's food page 4/99

-- hmmm (scratching@muh.head), January 14, 2000.

Hey Why,

Thanks for the URL to his food storage biz. Here is my sample order below:

ORDER CONFIRMATION Thank you very much for your order. Please print this screen out as a record of your order. A copy of your order has also been e-mailed to you. Shipping will be added. Sales tax will be added for WA state residents only. You will receive an email confirmation once your payment information has been verified. If you have any questions about your order, please reference your order number when calling. We appreciate your business and hope you will return soon. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------

Affordable Food Storage 11109 Sunrise Place Gig Harbor WA 98332 Office: 253-853-5765 Fax: 253-851-3159


Invoice #: 854435821 Invoice Date: 1/15/100 Time: 12:20am EST

Sold To: Mr. pastor dickwad Pastor Chris's Sheep Fleecing Service 666 Herd Rustler Way TempleChanger, WA 66666 Daytime Phone: 1(666)666-6666 Email:

Paid by: CREDIT Visa (Subject to Verification) Ship by:

---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Product ID Product Name Unit Price Qty Item Total ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- 100 Apple Slices $11.72 100 $1,172.00 101 Peach Apple Flakes $21.33 500 $10,665.00 102 Strawberry Apple Fla $21.33 2 $42.66 kes 103 Applesauce $21.77 95 $2,068.15 104 Banana Slices $7.35 62 $455.70 105 Golden Raisins $31.64 30 $949.20 106 Fruit Galaxy $42.27 10 $422.70 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Sub Total: $15,775.41 WA State Tax @ 8.0%: $1,262.03 ------------------------------------------- Grand Total: $17,037.44


We will be glad to exchange any defective food items with food items of equal value. Warranties for non-food items will be honored by the manufacturer. Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.

let's go shopping!

-- sumbody (, January 15, 2000.

this one's right

-- sumbody (, January 15, 2000.

Seems Pastor Chris Bayer is still doing business over the web, but now claims that liftel is "your trusted name on the ‘net for over four years. We offer only quality products. Our shopping cart is 100% secure and we never give your information to anyone for any reason."

It would be interesting for folks to know the fear mongering that "pastor" took part in during the y2k fear party of 98-99!

I say we flood the search engines with info about "pastor" Chris Bayer & Lifetel

-- concerned as well (I@don't.want2say), October 11, 2002.

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