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well i just finished the game. over much too soon, i nver did figure out what the dream maker did, and half my map is still unexplored. has anyone played a second time? do the quests change much? is there any real point to switching classes when you could be an awsome fighter, mage etc, or play a medium leveled character in each class for a short time? they should have at least let us be multiclass instead of wasting exp. i think the best part of the game was that you could truely play an evil character with out being punished. if you were evil in balder's the towns people would attack and you couldn't get anything done. oh well, still not as good as pen&paper.

-- (, January 07, 2000


The dream maker just advanced the plot a tad...showed you some old memories, and gave you experience points...that's it.

Yeah, you could play an evil character, but if you just killed everyone, you'd miss out on quests & major experience points. For example, when I first got out of the morgue, I accidentally killed that old man & his wife in the house on the bottom right of the screen. (I kept trying to talk to the man, and he ended up attacking me.) I reloaded, and talked to the wife first, and found out that the guy had just sold himself to the Dustman...and voila, a quest, PLUS a free place to sleep & somewhere to buy items! SO glad I tried coming at that house from a 'different angle'. :) I often do that...replay a scene; one where I kill people, the other where I play thru it peacefully. It also helps in letting you know what people are carrying, and if they're WORTH killing....I suppose that's cheating a bit, but hey, I don't want to play thru the whole game tons of times just to explore different small possibilities. :)

-- Rouver (, January 08, 2000.

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