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Thank you to the Center for Y2K and Society for this lead:

DOD issues 230 checks dated 1900 Thursday, 6 January 2000 23:35 (ET)

DOD issues 230 checks dated 1900

WASHINGTON, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- A year 2000 computer glitch resulted in the Pentagon's Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Charleston, S.C., sending out 230 checks to vendors on Jan. 4 with the year 1900 printed on them, says Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley. New checks were issued when quality assurance personnel discovered the mistake, he said.

The Pentagon spent $3.6 billion readying its computers to accept the year 2000 as a valid date. Its efforts were an overall success, with only one serious problem -- a ground-based intelligence system was unable to process imagery from a National Reconnaissance Office satellite for several hours on New Year's Eve, and operated at about half its normal performance rate throughout the weekend, Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre said.

A cash register in Okinawa also had Y2K-related problems, Hamre said. -- Copyright 2000 by United Press International. All rights reserved. --

-- Janice Brenner (, January 07, 2000

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