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Date: 04 Jan 2000

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Region affected: Mali Original Information Source: Reuters Submitted by: ReliefWeb Submission time (GMT): 08:26:25 PM

Computer problem hits Mali's railway

BAMAKO, Jan 4 (Reuters) - The monitoring of Mali's railway system has been disrupted by computer problems but no other difficulty linked to the millennium bug has been reported in the West African country, the government said on Tuesday.

"The computer system that controls the monitoring of goods waggons at the railway seized up and since then it has not been possible to do the monitoring properly," said Moctar Diarra, head of information technology at the government's statistics and information technology department (DNSI).

The railway transports goods and passengers between Mali's capital, Bamako, and Dakar, Senegal's capital on the Atlantic coast.

The national telephone company, banks and air transport facilities were working normally, officials said.

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-- Janice Brenner (, January 07, 2000

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