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I frequently ride Amtrak trains 80 & 79 between Raleigh and Washington DC. One thing I enjoy is listening to the crew on my scanner (with earphones so not to disturb others) I have been trying to find a web site or another source that the list all the signals along the line from Selma, NC. north to Richmond, Va. A list is available for the RF&P and many other lines, is one available for this stretch of the old ACL. Thank for any info.

-- Gregory Hager (, January 07, 2000


I'd be interested too, especially whether there is an "official" CSX- issued list of names for all the signals that the crews call out, or whether crews just learn the names from each other during training. I've noticed on the ex-AB&C lines in Ga. that some signal names are called differently from time to time, or change over time.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 10, 2000.

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