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Y2K-Related Incident Reports From ICC (International Coordination Center)

(since 5 pm on January 3, 2000)


The Department of Education surveyed 51 elementary/secondary school districts. The following Y2K-related issues were reported.

-- One district reported that one of 35 water heaters had to be turned on manually.

-- One district reported that three workstations displayed incorrect dates.

-- One district reported a problem with student services involving a very old computer. The district had back-up systems in place, so the problem did not cause any disruption of service.

The Department of Education also surveyed 51 post-secondary institutions. The following Y2K-related issue was reported.

-- One university reported that a computer displayed incorrect dates but stated that the affected programs were quickly patched/corrected.

-- Jeanette Thomas (ou_2000@berkshire.net), January 07, 2000



I have heard of other school districts that have had problems, but in one case when I have contacted people who could verify those problems, they have specifically wished not to give their schools publicity (and so I could not verify).

-- Bud Hamilton (budham@hotmail.com), January 08, 2000.

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