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I am looking for negative criticism of my site. What is wrong with the site? What is flawed or uninteresting about the photographs. Give it to me!

-- Josh Randall (, January 07, 2000


As my drill instructors bellowed to me many years ago:

"Lock and load your 30 round magazine! Move fire selector from Safe to Auto! Commence fire with three round bursts!"

tetonboobie.html comes up with a blank page. The thumbnail for Tetons does not match the picture. The foreground in Arches is way to blah-grey and the sky is too bright.

"Shrimp Boat" is really quite good. Those ... sails? nets? ... look ghostly.

Why the itty bitty teeny weeny thumbnails?

Love your artist's statement.

-- Brian C. Miller (, January 07, 2000.

Hi Josh,

Here are a couple of design comments. On my browser, your images come up pretty low on the page & that means I have to scroll down, that is annoying, especially since there is no info at the top. So, I would recommend you move them up to the top of the page. I would also recommend keeping all images at the same pixel height. Having to go back to your thumbnails each time is also cumbersome. I would like it better if I could go from photo to photo via direct link. I found the artist statement too hard to read with the white on black font. I agree with the previous post that the photos need more work, possibly just some corrections in Photoshop.

-- Christian Harkness (, January 10, 2000.


Love your "Artist's Anti Statement"!!

I am continually amazed at the drivel that some people feel the need to subject us to. I often wonder why people purposely publish the weirdness in their minds. Then again, there are the guests on the Jerry Springer show!? On the other hand, many portrait/wedding photographers (who are actually trying to make a living doing this) usually have pretty good "artist's statements".

I was once going to start a collection of statements made by photographers who believed they had found the definition of "Art" (and I hope that this DOES NOT start a thread). For a while it seemed like I couldn't pick up a photographic magazine without learning how another "artist" had finally found a new bizarre or sick way to define the word. If I had cared, I guess I might have remembered some of them. Some were pretty funny....most were just stupid.


-- Rick Stiles (, January 10, 2000.

That raises the question of why a statement [anti, pro, for, against, and etc]at all. 99.9 percent of the time that [no statement] seems to me the best course.

-- Christian Harkness (, January 11, 2000.

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