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Ok, you Mac people. I NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE DON'T GO BY, REPLY IF YOU CAN HELP. Yesterday, 1/6/00, my 233-mhz iMac monitor started to turn darker than usual. I got the ToolTech utility a few days ago and rebuilt the desktop and zapped the PRAM with it, and was very pleased with how the computer was working. However, yesterday the monitor got darker, with brightness in the Monitors and Sound control panel all the way up. It has a reddish-purplish tint, (not green, as TechTool advised might happen after zapping the PRAM). However, I tried downloading the Basic Color Monitor ext. from the apple download site, but when I try to open the .sea file my computer freezes. PLEASE HELP. Thank you, Radu. Please reply here or at

-- R.D. (, January 07, 2000


Mine is doing the same thing and I can't figure out why, any ideas???

-- ss (, June 08, 2002.

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