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Did anyone else get the feeling that there were "vibes" between Benton and Finch on this week's episode (1-6-00, "Family Matters")? Or was I imagining things? I know he was irritated with her about the cast, but I thought there may have been something there. Maybe it was just mutual respect.

-- Bliss Bednar (, January 07, 2000


Yes, I noticed it too and all I can say is Yuk! They both are about as warm as an icecube. He can get away with the cold, no feeling thing, but the writers really need to give her some sort of personality. Really, they would not put those two together. That would be plain silly. Could you imagine a passionate moment between them. I am laughing now.

-- Marcy Meckaberg (, January 07, 2000.

Yes B.B., I did, but I also thought the writers were, to quote Phyl, using the "baseball bat" method to bring it home. What writers love to do with TV and/or movie couples is have them hate each other before they can love each other. It's a very old (albeit popular) courtship formula. If this is where they're headed with B & F, I wish they'd write the premise with a little more imagination. Unlike just about everyone on this board, I don't dislike the character of Finch- nor the actress playing her. All things considered of her theatrical skills, she did show a certain degree of passion towards her ball- playing patient. But this is CLEARLY just me.

-- Chris A. (, January 10, 2000.

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to chime in and say that I also agree that there was some tension and friction going on between Benton and Finch. Why Finch seems to have already built up this negative hostility towards Benton, I have no idea. I know he's not Mr. Congenialty, but most tend to deal with him fairly well after some time. Wow, to see these two together? I don't feel the love..maybe it could work? IMHO, they are two birds of a feather, but maybe too much alike for the writers to convince us that they would not each eat other alive eventually. I'm just curious as to what the writers are going to do with Finch's character? I have absolutely no "feeling" for her at this point. I agree that they did give Finch some compassion in "Family Matters", but her character does not seem to be making a positive impression on anyone yet. Oh well, they have much room for improvement on this one.

Just my $.02 Monika :)

-- Monika C. (, January 11, 2000.

I totally saw/felt the vibes, too. But, I have to disagree with practically everyone. I think that Peter and Cleo could actually be really good together. I happen to like the character of Cleo, and I think Michael Michele is a talented actress. I like how the writers have started to give her more depth - on the episodes "Family Matters" and "Domino Heart" - she felt for the bball girl, and how she is sort of "big sisterly" with Dr. Dave (who has grown on me by the way). I'm really looking forward to see what happens.

-- Lindsey S. (, February 02, 2000.

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