I have only found 5 npcs

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After i got ignus and the succubus to join my party i can not find any others. Is there a modron that can join the party? i keep finding modron parts

-- biohazard (dchivers@vt.edu), January 06, 2000


you can find the modron from the modron maze

-- (kalve@online.ee), January 06, 2000.

i've found the following ppl that may join the party: Annah -> from Pharod Dakkon -> from Smoldering corpse bar Fall-from-Grace -> from Brothel Morte -> from Mortuary Ignus -> from Smoldering corpse bar Nordom -> from Modron Maze and Vhalior -> from the Prison Plane

-- Gijsbert dos Santos (g.j.d.dossantos@student.utwente.nl), January 19, 2000.

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