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United States Chemical Safety & Hazard Investigation Board Report:

Incident Title: Anhydrous Ammonia Leak at Ice Plant; Nearby Resident Dies, Eight Workers Exposed Location Date of Incident Davey, FL, United States 1/5/2000 CSB Incident Number NRC Report Number Board Ref. Number 2000-4564 None Reported None Reported Current Status Date of Report Update Preliminary Assessment Underway 1/6/2000 - 1:57 AM Incident Types Location Types - Release to Environment Fixed Facility Evacuations Injuries Fatalities Yes - Number Unknown 8 (Estimate) 1 Chemicals Involved - Ammonia (anhydrous) Description or Latest Development ----- Information Added: Thursday, January 6, 2000 - 1:11 AM ----- The anhydrous ammonia leak was observed off-site in a small residential area near the plant. The victim was an elderly resident with a history of heart and respiratory problems. The preliminary report from the county coroner indicated the death was due to accidental exposure.

Six workers complained of burns and rashes, were decontaminated on scene and decline transport to the hospital. Two workers had respiratory distress and were transported to Pembrook-Hollywood regional medical center.

The incident occurred at the Reddy Ice Co. plant.

An employee tried to call 911 from inside the plant on the way out of the facility, but had to drop the phone. When employees opened the door, a cloud surrounded the whole building.

When the first emergency units arrived on scene no cloud was visible, but a strong odor was reported. Because the initial units did not have Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBAs) the units retreated to a safe distance. Hazmat units with Level A protection subsequently entered the area.

The victim was evacuating his residence with family members when he collapsed on the street.

The release is believed to have come from a pressure relief valve.

Most of the employees were reported to be Haitians, and spoke only limited English. Emergency responders did not speak Haitian.

This information is based on preliminary reports and is subject to verification and change.

Sources ( * indicates the original source) Source Details National Response Center * 1-5-2000 0400EST Emergency Management - State Florida Emergency Mgmt., Tallahassee Fire Marshal - Local Fire Battalion 38, Broward County 1-5-2000 Law Enforcement - Local Police Davey PD, 1-5-2000

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-- Carl Jenkins (, January 06, 2000

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